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About the host

Susan Hoffman is a freelance correspondent, writer and producer and has worked with Georgia Public Broadcasting since 1995. Hoffman was co-host of the GPB political series Lawmakers for eight years. She was also host of GPB's long-running public affairs series Georgia Week in Review and of Georgia's Watch on Washington,
a program reported from the nation's capital. Hoffman has also co-anchored GPB's live statewide coverage of state and national
elections and is the current host of GPB's Conversations
series, in-depth discussions with prominent Georgians from all walks of

Hoffman has written and produced two documentaries: It's Still My Life, about Georgians recovering from serious brain injury, which was accepted for PBS nationwide distribution, and Speaker Of The House: The Thomas B. Murphy Story.

Hoffman has won awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters,
Sigma Delta Chi and the Southeastern Chapter of the National Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences.

Hoffman previously held television positions in Idaho Falls, Idaho;
San Jose, California; and Washington, D. C. She is a graduate of the
University of Maryland with a major in communications and a minor in
graphic art. She is married and has two sons.