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In Colorblind, a group of former grade-school classmates reunite and discover the profound impact their beloved African-American teacher, Mr. Bell, had on each of their lives. Escalating violence in Detroit eventually scattered Mr. Bell's class, sending many families into the suburbs and separating the third-grade class for 35 years. Colorblind captures the emotional reunion of the classmates — now in their mid-40s — as they reflect upon the turbulent Civil Rights era and the humble man whose timeless lessons of love and nonviolence touched their hearts and minds and shaped their young spirits.

7:00PAre You Being Served?

Strong Stuff This Insurance

7:30PAre You Being Served?

The Apartment

8:00PKeeping Up Appearances

How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying

8:30PKeeping Up Appearances

The Rolls Royce

9:00PAs Time Goes By

Animal Magnetism

9:30PAs Time Goes By

The Bathroom

10:00PMoone Boy