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Clifford's Puppy Days

From the producers of the Clifford The Big Red Dog series comes Clifford's Puppy Days. Just as the original series featured Clifford's 10 Big Ideas, Clifford's Puppy Days stories revolves around "Clifford's Ideas to Grow On," 10 simple life lessons such as Share, Work Together, Play Fair and Be a Good Friend. All ideas are designed to help young children navigate their world and to foster self-acceptance, friendship and a sense of community. Clifford may be the biggest dog that ever was, but he wasn't always that way. As true fans of the colossal, crimson canine know, Clifford was actually the runt of his litter — a teeny, tiny, bright red bundle of energy. Emily Elizabeth fell in love with little Clifford at first sight. It's hard to believe, but back in his puppy days Clifford barely filled Emily Elizabeth's dad's palm — he was, however, still quite the handful! Making his way in the big world was no small feat for this tiny pup, but even back then he had the same huge heart and good humor that continue to win him friends and fans anywhere he goes. Lara Jill Miller plays the voice of Puppy, along with a talented cast featuring Henry Winkler as Norville, Grey DeLisle as Emily Elizabeth and Masiela Lusha as Nina.