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Submission Guidelines

1. C-forty-7 is supported by Georgia Public Broadcasting. There is no entry fee.

2. The principal filmmaker of the submitted film must be a Georgia resident or the submitted film must have been shot in whole or in part within Georgia's borders. The submitted film, however, can be about anything, anyone, and anywhere and of any genre.

3. Only one film per filmmaker can be submitted for each quarterly showcase. Showcase entry deadlines are: MARCH 31, 2007 for Summer Showcase (Jul., Aug., Sept. 2007) JUNE 30, 2007 for Fall Showcase (Oct., Nov., Dec. 2007)

4. Illegible or incomplete submission forms will not be accepted.

5. Films must be submitted in one of the following formats: DVD (NTSC, no region coding), MiniDV (NTSC), DVCPro (NTSC), or VHS.

6. Submitted films must be labeled with TITLE, RUNNING TIME, PRINCIPAL FILMMAKER, YEAR COPYRIGHTED, and all CONTACT INFORMATION (including name, phone number, and email address).

7. Films must be submitted in final, completed form. "Rough" or "picture lock only" versions will not be accepted.

8. Submitted films will not be returned. Please do not submit master tapes, master copies, or any other solitary original material.

9. All submitted films must include signed release forms for any copyrighted images or music used in the film. If a film is accepted into the showcase, a music sheet must be included with the final broadcast copy.

10. All submitted films must be free from any legal disputes involving rights for music and/or exhibition. Georgia Public Broadcasting is not responsible for securing the rights to any copyrighted images or music used in the film, this is the sole responsibility of the submitting filmmaker. Accepted films will be subject to a standard broadcast agreement with Georgia Public Broadcasting.

11. Submission running times must be under 25 minutes including credits.

12. All submissions should treat potentially objectionable themes with responsible good taste. Any content censorship is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker and should be completed and finalized before submitting film. Filmmakers should be aware of FCC regulations.

13. Any non-English language film must have English subtitles.

14. Accepted filmmakers grant Georgia Public Broadcasting the exclusive television broadcast rights to the submitted film for a period of 3 months (the months the film will be featured on the showcase) and non-exclusive broadcast and delivery platform option rights for 3 years.

15. All films selected for the C-47 showcase grant Georgia Public Broadcasting the right to broadcast and deliver the film over its various media outlets, including (but not limited to) open air, satellite delivery, digital cable and internet.

16. C-47 and Georgia Public Broadcasting are in no way legally responsible for the content of any submitted film. That is the sole responsibility of the submitting filmmaker.

17. All films selected for the C-47 Showcase grant Georgia Public Broadcasting the rights to use footage, stills, titles and/or information from the film for promotional purposes.

Submit Films to:

C-47: Georgia Short Film Showcase

Education Division

Georgia Public Broadcasting

260 14th Street, NW

Atlanta, GA 30318-5360