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Frequently Asked Questions

* How long can my film be?

Your film must be no longer than twenty-five minutes.

* Can I submit a film I made in 1960?

Of course, there are no time restrictions as to when the film was made.

* What if I made my film in Europe, but I'm from Georgia? Vice versa?

That's fine for both cases (see Submission Guidelines Eligibility & Conditions of Entry #2).

* Do I have to have documentation that I am a Georgia resident to enter?

To enter? No. However, if you are accepted, we need documentation for both aforementioned eligibility requirements.

* I had a few other co-directors who aren't from Georgia, can I still submit?

Yes, as long as the main director is a Georgia resident or the film was shot at least partially in Georgia.

* If I live near GPB, can I drop off or pick up my film?


* Can I submit my film to you online?


* When and how will I hear back about my submission?

You will receive correspondence within three months of receipt of the film through email verification.

* What if I haven't received all the rights to copyrighted material within my film?

If your film is accepted and the rights are still not secured, we will not broadcast your film until we receive all necessary proper documentation.

* Is there an entry fee?


* Who decides what films are accepted?

A jury of industry professionals and scholars who are active within the Georgia film community decide upon accepted films. Georgia Public Broadcasting reserves the right for final broadcast approval.

* If my film is accepted, can I still show it and enter it elsewhere?

Yes, but you may not utilize showing your film on any other television broadcast during the time of the Showcase. GPB owns exclusive television rights during the time of broadcast and an option for non-exclusive rights for an extended period of time following the Showcase. (See Submission Guidelines Eligibility & Conditions Entry #15 & 16)

* How is this showcase different from other festivals? Why should I enter C-47: Georgia Short Film Showcase? What do I get if my film is chosen?

If accepted you are ensured forms of broadcast and media outlets, including (but not limited to) open air, satellite delivery, digital cable and internet, publicity and recognition.

* When is the actual festival?

There is no actual festival, it is a quarterly showcase.

* What is your rating system?

Films will be judged on originality, technical proficiency, content, and style.

* What are the submission deadlines?

SEPTEMBER 30, 2006 for Winter Showcase (Jan., Feb., Mar. 2007)

DECEMBER 31, 2006 for Spring Showcase (Apr., May, Jun. 2007)

MARCH 31, 2007 for Summer Showcase (Jul., Aug., Sept. 2007)

JUNE 30, 2007 for Fall Showcase (Oct., Nov., Dec. 2007)

* Can I submit my film as a work in progress?

No, all films must be the final cut (See Submission Guidelines Eligibility & Conditions of Entry #7).

* I'm a first-time filmmaker, are there any resources available for me to make my film?

Yes, there are several tutorials available on the C-47 website to help with the art of short filmmaking.

* Do you have a mailing list to announce the winners, show times, and upcoming events? How do I get on it?

Yes, please contact us at and check the website regularly for updates.

* What genres are you interested in?

We are interested in all genres.

* How can I submit my feature film to air on Georgia Public Broadcasting?

C-47 is for short films only. If you have a longer film or you feel your twenty- five minute film would be appropriate for Georgia Public Broadcasting outside of the short film showcase, please contact GPB at (404) 685 - 2426 for submission guidelines.

* Should entries be submitted in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio does not matter as long as films are submitted in one of the accepted formats (See Submission Guidelines Eligibility & Conditions of Entry #4).