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Augusta VA | Canine Flu | Above Ground | Rollover Accidents

Metro Atlanta is one of the deadliest places for rollover crashes. One report from the American Transportation Research Institute found that more than 200 people have died in truck rollovers since...

May 21, 2015

Two Way Street 1/31/15: Kevin Riley With Shirley Session & Occupational Therapist Ty Esham

 (Picture Above: Shirley Sessions and Kevin Riley at the American Memorial in Metz, France. The memorial honor sher husand's unit, the 95th Infantry Division, which was nicknamed "...

January 31, 2015

National Salute to Veterans, a PBS Special

Honoring the 22 million veterans who have served our country, PBS is once again airing “National Salute to Veterans.” On Nov. 11, “National Salute to Veterans” will bring the nation together to say...

November 9, 2012

Veterans Day Content for the Classroom

The holiday immediately following Halloween is, in fact, not Thanksgiving. Though it is appropriate that the two share a month, Veterans Day is the next holiday. For us, it is more than a much-...

November 7, 2012