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Southwire to Hire 375

Southwire, the nation’s largest wire and cable producer, is expanding its facilities and will be creating nearly 375 jobs over the next four years investing $95 million. They are headquartered in...

October 24, 2013

How Southwire is Keeping At Risk Kids in School By Giving Them Jobs

Our show Fast Forward visited the electrical wire company Southwire for good reason. The company is not only a great hands-on launchpad to science, technology, engineering and math careers, but it...

September 27, 2013


We extended our search for Georgia STEM careers to the west side of the state with a visit to Southwire, the largest maker of wire and cable in North America. In short, they help your lights turn on...

July 16, 2013

Southwire EA Jeopardy Game

Southwire’s engineering academy students playing a group game of Jeopardy.

July 8, 2013

Southwire Campus

Establishing shots of the Southwire Building, including the front and side entrances.

July 8, 2013

Southwire Interior

Various shots of Southwire signs throughout the building. Wall paintings and quotes, photographs, glass displays.

July 8, 2013

Inside The Wire Factory

Footage from inside of Southwire’s manufacturing facility. Various shots of large wire spools, wire being pulled through machines in extreme temperatures, and wire/cable in other stages of production...

July 8, 2013


We take our search for Georgia STEM careers to Carrollton, with a visit to Southwire, the largest manufacturer of wire and cable in North America. Here we cover the types of careers available at...

July 8, 2013

Carrollton-Based Southwire Named Large Manufacturer of the Year

Southwire Company is one of Georgia’s greatest success stories. Started 63 years ago in a small West Georgia town the company now has 15 manufacturing plants across the United States with five in...

April 4, 2013