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Capricorn Session: TORRES

January 5, 2016

Trending In Religion | Baptists & Bootleggers | John Wallace Road

A new Pew Research study finds that the number of Americans who describe themselves as Christians has dropped dramatically, especially among young people. Have they left the church for good?...

June 2, 2015

Koinonia: The Story of Redemption and Forgiveness During the Civil Rights Movement

Bill Nigut hosts a program devoted to conversations about Koinonia, the Christian communal farm founded in 1942 by Southern Baptist minister Clarence Jordan in Sumter County, Georgia. The residents...

April 3, 2015

Political Rewind 12/12/14: Atlanta Police & The Black Community, Kennesaw Mosque Ruling Could be Overturned

Atlanta Police & The Black Community and Saxby Chambliss Retires

November 18, 2014

Two Way Street 11/15/14: Pulitzer Prize Winner Anna Quindlen & Pope Francis Says Yes to Gays and Divorced Catholics

Segments 1 & 2: Anna Quindlen is one of America’s best-loved authors. Her six novels, published over the past two decades, have all won spots on the New York Times best-seller list....

November 14, 2014

God...On Broadway

October 23, 2014

Two Way Street 7/19/14- Jimmy Carter, Evangelicalism, And 'Oklahoma'

Jimmy Carter And The Evolution Of Evangelical Christianity On July 15, 1976, Jimmy Carter strode to the podium at the Democratic national convention in Madison Square Garden in New York to accept...

October 8, 2014