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Two Way Street 1/24/15: Janice Rothschild & Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Segment 1:Tuesday, January 27, is the 50th anniversary of the historic Atlanta dinner honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Until Coca-Cola’s Robert Woodruff...

January 23, 2015

Two Way Street 10/25/14: Driverless Cars, A Twist On Traditional Indian Food & Atlanta Musician Eliot Bronson!

Segment 1: Suddenly news about driverless cars is everywhere. Four states have now licensed driverless test vehicles, Google continues to develop its driverless car, and here in Georgia, Georgia Tech...

October 24, 2014

Participation Counts For 20 Percent Of Your Grade

Southern Education Desk blogger, Robert Ryshke, explores the concept of class participation as a factor in a student's achievement grade. Robert Ryshke is the Executive Director of the Center for...

October 18, 2012

The Empire of Pink Morton: Turn of the Century African-American Mogul

Robert Herman, Executive Director of the Morton Theatre, comments on the life and legacy of Monroe Bowers "Pink" Morton, who built the Morton Theater in 1910, served as a postmaster,...

August 19, 2008