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Two Way Street 7/19/14- Jimmy Carter, Evangelicalism, And 'Oklahoma'

Jimmy Carter And The Evolution Of Evangelical Christianity On July 15, 1976, Jimmy Carter strode to the podium at the Democratic national convention in Madison Square Garden in New York to accept...

October 8, 2014

How to Talk to Your Kids about Disasters

It’s hard to see images and videos of the tornado damage in Oklahoma and Texas and not think about what that would be like closer to home. So many of my family and friends are educators and I...

May 22, 2013

Dog Found in Rubble During Interview with Oklahoma Tornado Survivor

Talk about an amazing story! A woman who survived the tornadoes in Oklahoma discovered her dog alive under rubble while giving an interview to CBS News. You’ll have to watch the video to comprehend...

May 21, 2013

Briarwood Elementary Teachers Heroes During Oklahoma Tornado

Teachers are superheroes. Need proof? Look at the courageous efforts of teachers at Briarwood Elementary in Moore, Oklahoma in the face of yesterday’s tornado. When the twister swirled their way,...

May 21, 2013

Tragedy in Georgia: The Trail of Tears

Mavis Doering, Ramona Bear Taylor, and Creek Indian Jay McGirt recall Cherokee Indians being rounded up by U.S. soldiers under the command of Gen. Winfield Scott and herded into stockades for the...

July 22, 2008