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Georgia’s Beaches, No Where Near the Coast

Georgia has a huge, gorgeous coastline. Sadly, that coastline is – you know, all the way at the coast, which is far for a lot of Georgians. If it’s at all possible, go to the ocean. Go to the...

July 19, 2013

Pelican Survivors

Pelicans are one of the strangest looking birds on earth. Very few have witnessed their quirkiness up close. They are truly intriguing animals, and in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, you'll see...

October 2, 2012

Little St. Simons

Little St. Simons

January 31, 2012

Georgia International Trade: Naval Stores

Kirk Johnston, a Charles Town Landing State Park reenactor, discusses a replica 17th century sailing vessel and describes how saltwater, wind, and sun took a toll on wooden ships. In the late 1800s,...

July 26, 2008