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Brian Kemp

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The Breakroom | Georgia Playlist | How Iowa Reflects GA Voters

Host Celeste Headlee hangs out with our weekly Breakroom panel. This week, they talk about a rise in reported concussions in the NFL, Charlotte’s fighting words about Atlanta, and Barbie’s new look...

February 5, 2016

Political Rewind 2/6/15: Gov. Deal On Failing Schools & The Safe Harbor Bill

Legislative leaders are about to unveil big changes to the proposal they made last week for how to fund the state’s $1 billion+ transportation needs. Bill Nigut discusses what will be changed...

February 6, 2015

Political Rewind 11/14/14: 2016: It's Sooner Than You Think

It's been only two weeks since the midterm elections, but already wheels are in motion for 2016 races. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp joins Political Rewind to discuss his plan for...

November 14, 2014