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Ocmulgee Mysteries & History | Refugees In GA | Harbingers of Failure

Thousands of years of history rest at Macon’s Ocmulgee National Monument. Its ties with the community and Native Americans are deep, but do Georgians know the real history? Plus a photography...

July 13, 2015

Big Stage Awaits Corky Kell Classic Teams

Believe it or not, the kickoff to the 2013 high school football season is next week! The main event will be the 22nd annual Metro PCS Corky Kell Classic. This year's classic features ten top teams...

August 14, 2013

John Ross, Father of the Cherokee Nation

From 1828 to 1860, the Cherokee people were led by the remarkable Native American John Ross. Ross presided over the birth of Cherokee Nation, the removal of his people from their homeland, and the...

May 29, 2009

Green Corn, Native Gold

Diamond Brown, a Cherokee dancer, describes how corn is the foodstuff responsible for prehistoric Native Americans flourishing in Georgia. Through interviews, reenactments, and visits to significant...

July 26, 2008

I Got Skills! Primitive Technology and Cherokee Tradition

Primitive cultures living in Georgia thousands of years ago made everything they needed. Today it is important to the surviving native cultures to continue practicing the skills and sharing the...

July 25, 2008

Making Cotton Pay

John Johnson, Director of Interpretation and Education at the Agrirama in Tifton, explains the economic impact of going from one person able to seed one pound of cotton a day to Eli Whitney's...

July 22, 2008