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Briarwood Elementary Teachers Heroes During Oklahoma Tornado

Teachers are superheroes. Need proof? Look at the courageous efforts of teachers at Briarwood Elementary in Moore, Oklahoma in the face of yesterday’s tornado. When the twister swirled their way, Sheri Bittle and Cindy Lowe took action. They told their students to place backpacks on their heads and huddle in the corner to brace for the impact. Bittle and Lowe also lay their own bodies on top the students to shield them from the storm.

Lowe tells ABC's Good Morning America that the tornado hit her classroom directly. But because of her actions and that of Sheri Bittle’s, everyone emerged from the disaster unharmed.

Watch the full interview.

I don’t know Sheri or Cindy but I sing their praises today. They don’t possess the “powers” of the heroes pop culture and the media are typically elevating. They don’t play in a professional basketball league; they haven’t won an “Idol” making contest because of their singing and they are not fascinating because they are simply famous.

They are super-human because of their selflessness. Like the teachers of the Sandy Hook tragedy before them who lost their lives protecting the children from a deranged gunman before them, they protected their students with their lives.

Faster than a speeding bullet, no. But willing to protect children who are not theirs by birth from all sorts of dangers and teach them to be knowledgeable human beings. Yes!

Do we need anymore proof that teachers are superheroes?