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The Future Files

This month, GPB aired an original production highlighting STEM advancements around the state, The Future Files. This exciting, new series looks at the future of science, technology and medicine in a smart and fast-paced way. Take a front row seat and travel along with the scientists of today who are reshaping our destiny for tomorrow.

The show premiere takes a look at influenza and it’s devastating effects throughout history. It has been impartial across the ages to class and wealth, even war and peace. In 1918, influenza is believed to have killed as many as 60 million people throughout the world. Downton Abbey fans will recall that it was “Spanish flu” that nearly took the life of Lady Grantham and that ended the life of Matthew’s betrothed, Lavinia Swire.

The Future Files is hosted by Atlanta native Faith Salie, a correspondent on CBS Sunday Morning News, and a panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

If you missed The Future Files on television, do not worry. It’s now available online (below) and on