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In Praise of the Greatest Profession: Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11

May 7, 2012 5:16am (EDT)

Since this is Teacher’s Appreciation Week, I thought what better way to tip my hat off to members of the world’s greatest profession than posting this video of teacher-poet Taylor Mali performing his powerful piece “What Teachers Make.”

Mali a former teacher wrote these incredible verses in response to a run in with an arrogant lawyer at a dinner party. The lawyer insulted the teaching profession then asked him how much he made. A bewildered Mali mumbled the truth - $27,500.

But the next day he whipped out this passionate response. This video of him performing the piece went viral, then he got calls to speak before teacher groups. And now he’s released a book of the same title. Read the rest of his profile on NPR.

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week! We appreciate you! And as always we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and stories about the world's greatest profession.

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