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The Long Shadow Of Bobby Jones Set To Putt This September!

Bobby Jones is considered one of the most celebrated athletes of his time. He won the hearts of millions as a young golf prodigy before establishing himself as one of the game’s greatest golfers . Georgia Greats:...

by Andjie Yassa | August 29, 2016

Five Things to Know About Chris Thile, New Host of A Prairie Home Companion

As the new host of A Prairie Home Companion, Chris Thile is considered one of the most highly acclaimed musicians of his generation. Though he’s best known for his work with Nickel Creek and the progressive bluegrass...

by Andjie Yassa | August 26, 2016

Pat Marcus, Director Of Fundraising Strategies, Shares What’s On Her GPB Passport Watchlist

Pat Marcus, Director of Fundraising Strategies, confesses she may not watch regular broadcast tv again. Blame that possibility on GPB Passport, a new member benefit that gives extended access to thousands of PBS videos...

by Rosemary Jean-Louis | August 25, 2016

Five Must Watch Children’s Programs You Should Know About

School has officially begun and you may be looking for programs to keep your child’s creative juices flowing. Since we know they absolutely adore PBS Kids classics like Arthur and Sesame Street , why not add these newer...

by Andjie Yassa | August 16, 2016

Catch All New Programs Coming This Fall

As summer comes to an end--as all good things do-- you may be left wanting more; more beach days, more road trips and more excitement! Well, summer may be drawing to a close, but the excitement continues this fall as...

by Nia Russell | July 29, 2016

Meet Our PBS Nerds

Are you a PBS Nerd? Last week, we asked people to prove it by entering our PBS Nerd Photo Contest. The prize? A PBS Nerd t-shirt. In order to qualify, they had to meet us at Regal Atlantic Station Theatres during...

by Rosemary Jean-Louis | July 28, 2016

Get A Taste Of The Victorian Era With The Great British Baking Show

Many great things came out of the Victorian era - the works of Charles Dickens, psychology and the corset which has made a comeback as an outerwear fashion style. We can also thank the Victorians for giving us modern...

by Ashley Rucker | July 26, 2016

Spend Your Fourth Of July Weekend With Us

What are you doing this Fourth of July weekend? We invite you to spend it with us. We’re offering radio, television and online programs throughout the weekend and on Monday, July 4 to celebrate America’s 240th birthday...

by Andjie Yassa | June 29, 2016

Online Screening And Live Chat To Explore Nonviolent Action Through The Arts

Violence appears to be the dominant method of trying to impose change to our ideologies or culture. (The stream of mass shootings like the tragedy in Orlando seems to be proof). But what if a better, more effective...

by Andjie Yassa | June 17, 2016

Celebrating Emmy And GABBY Wins

While the cast of "Hamilton" is celebrating their Tony award wins, we invite you to take victory laps with us because of our triumphs at the GABBY and Southeast Emmy Awards.The Georgia Association of...

by Rosemary Jean-Louis | June 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Our Best Photos From The Shaky Beats Music Festival

Last month, GPB producer Andrew Riley and I were at the Shaky Beats Festival, in Centennial Olympic Park. This is not to be confused with the Shaky Knees festival which took place at the same venue a week earlier and...

by Enna Garkusha | June 9, 2016

Frontline Takes A Look At Who Profits From Misfortune

Additional contributions from Ashley Rucker When disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes or floods strike, the aftermath is devastating; people’s lives are upturned, homes are destroyed and neighborhoods are wrecked...

by Rosemary Jean-Louis | May 20, 2016