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What's New Next Week? April 18, 2019

E.J. Crane, watchmaker and jeweler in Richmond, VA. Courtesy of Library of Congress.


Next week, GPB takes you through the history of African American entrepreneurship, into the center of the abortion debate and beyond to a dwindling Dead Sea. Take a look below at what's coming up!


Boss: The Black Experience in Business - Tuesday, April 23 at 8 PM

The history of business and entrepreneurship lies at the heart of the American story, but often absent from that narrative are the experiences of African Americans. From the country’s earliest days, African Americans have embodied the qualities of innovation, risk-taking and determination to forge a path toward a better life. Boss: The Black Experience in Business, by Peabody and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson (Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges, The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution and Freedom Summer), traces the lives of African American entrepreneurs over 150 years, from those bound by bondage to moguls at the top of million-dollar empires.

As a capitalist system emerged in the United States, African Americans found ways to establish profitable businesses in numerous industries, including financial services, retail, beauty, music and media. Boss: The Black Experience in Business brings viewers on a journey from the end of Reconstruction through the present, tracing the emergence of a stable black business community alongside the greater struggle for civil rights.


FRONTLINE: The Abortion Divide - Tuesday, April 23 at 10 PM

Inside the fight over abortion through the stories of women struggling with unplanned pregnancies. Drawing on a landmark FRONTLINE film from the 1980s, a look at both sides of the abortion divide in a community still embroiled in the conflict.


NOVA: Saving the Dead Sea - Wednesday, April 24 at 9 PM

As the Dead Sea shrinks, engineers prepare a daring solution: connect it with the Red Sea by way of a massive desalination plant. If it works, it could stabilize the legendary lake and ease regional tensions. But will it put the environment at risk?

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