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Kell's Langley Ready For Athens

Courtesy of Craig Sager II
Courtesy of Craig Sager II

Kell High School held its National Signing Day ceremony before school Wednesday in the school library. The first person to walk in was Brendan Langley who was dressed and ready to go before any coaches or administration could set up.

“Finally,” Langley said with huge smile.

Langley, who was as dynamic a player as we have seen in some time on the Georgia high school gridiron, considered Georgia the perfect fit. He was Cobb County’s two-time defensive player of the year and scored almost every time he touched the ball on offense this season, whether it was a screen pass, deep ball or a pass to a teammate. The word dominant cannot fully describe the extent of Langley’s success in high school. After being able to make play after play in a state with as much talent as Georgia, it is no wonder Langley remains focused on making an impact as a Bulldog.

“To infinity and beyond,” Langley said. “If I can continue to get better everyday as a person and player, anything is possible. I do not have a ceiling for my success.”

Another reason Langley may be eager to begin his career with the Bulldogs is to reunite with his teammate Quincy Mauger. Mauger was part of a record 13 Bulldogs that enrolled early out of the incoming class. He has been keeping Langley up to date with his experiences so far.

“Quincy is loving it in Athens,” revealed Langley. “He’s my best friend and we said we wanted to play together at the next level.”

Langley and Mauger were both players that could dominate from either side of the football, and defensively the two helped make up the best secondary in the state.

“We only had two years of playing together but on the field he [Mauger] was always the safety valve to me, if I took the deep route he knows I messed up and would be down in the flats for me and had it covered, our chemistry together is just hard to beat,” said Langley.

Langley did not know exactly how the Bulldogs would utilize his full skillset, but said he was not concerned with that at this point and had complete faith in the coaches.

“It’s not about playing right away, even though that would be great,” said Langley. “It was more about where will I be in four years from now and letting them work with me and getting me developed into the best player I can be.”

Langley and Mauger were two headliners of the five Longhorn players who plan on playing at the next level. Michael Valero, Austin Wade and Zach Lopez rounded out Kell’s class of 2013 signees.