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Tech Analyst Cheers AT&T Decision to Locate Newest Foundry in Atlanta

By Chip Rogers Posted June 25, 2013 11:16am (EDT)
Georgia Tech will be Home to the newest AT&T Foundry

Georgia Tech will be Home to the newest AT&T Foundry

Technology Industry Analyst, Jeff Kagan, says the new Atlanta Foundry Center created by AT&T will be a catalyst for jobs and innovation.

“The process of new ideas becoming real products and apps has really sped up over the last few years. Companies like AT&T were always overwhelmed with so many great ideas. That’s what the AT&T Foundry is all about. The AT&T Foundry is about speeding up the process from new idea to real product or app.” Says Kagan.

The Foundry will be located on the campus of Georgia Tech and will be created in conjunction with Cisco Systems.

This is the fourth Foundry created by AT&T. Other locations include Palo Alto, CA, Plano, TX, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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