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Yellow River Game Ranch

Coyote at Yellow River Game Ranch
Coyote at Yellow River Game Ranch

This is a great place to get up and close with animals like never before. Check this out Georgia Travlers!

JULY 27, 2012 - LILBURN, GA - Rabbits and Coyotes living together in harmony…It didn’t work with Bugs Bunny and Wild E. Coyote, but it sure works here at the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn. Okay, so these two aren’t in the same cage, but you can find them along the same one mile stroll through this fascinating animal sanctuary. The Game Ranch takes in all animals from deer and pigs, to skunks and turtles. Really any wild animals in need of help. They have been in operation for decades, so kids and adults have enjoyed this up-close and personal animal encounter for years. Feed the goats the lambs and even the little bunnies. It’s not just a cliché that rabbits like carrots…Here I discovered that it’s a reality. They are open all year-round, but February is probably the best time to visit…So why February? Georgia’s official weather prognosticator, a groundhog named General Beauregard Lee peeks out of his little plantationhouse every February 2nd to see whether or not Springtime in Georgia comes early. Eat your heart out Punxsutawney Phil!