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UPS Set To Hire Up To 3,000 For Westside Atlanta Hub

Most of the positions are part-time, but health benefits are included and UPS likes to promote from within.

by Parrish Walton | July 12, 2018

Here’s What’s Filming In Georgia Right Now, And Here’s How You Can Get The Skills Needed To Land A Gig

Breaking into the film industry is difficult, but the Georgia Film Academy can help you land a gig with open positions like the ones seeking workers right now.

by Parrish Walton | July 9, 2018

How Can We Fill More Healthcare Jobs To Southwest Georgia? Here’s A Start

Healthcare jobs are in demand... but is the workforce ready for them? If not, what can we do to help? These questions and more were brought up last month.

by Parrish Walton | July 3, 2018

Big Salaries Without A Bachelor’s Degree? Fast Company Found 6 Jobs That Can Earn 6 Figures

Some of these will require intense on-the-job training, but these jobs don't require a bachelor's degree and they pay extremely well.

by Parrish Walton | June 28, 2018

Georgia Needs More Carpenters And Chattahoochee Tech Is On It

No matter where you go in the state you'll hear the same thing from those in the construction industry: We need more skilled labor. Well, Chattahoochee Tech is here to help.

by Parrish Walton | June 27, 2018

Georgia Cyber Center To Open Doors In July With An Eye On Workforce Development

The new cyber security hub will partner education leaders, private enterprise, and military intelligence to act as a leader and innovator in cyber security education and training.

by Parrish Walton | June 25, 2018

These 5 Jobs Earn An Average of $68,000 After Five Years Of Work And You Don’t Need A College Degree

Most of these salaries require you to work for around five years, but that means if you land one right out of high school you'll earn great money before you can rent a car.

by Parrish Walton | June 21, 2018

ATL Airport University Pilot Program To Launch In September

What is ATL Airport University? It's all about upward mobility and serving the local community.

by Parrish Walton | June 19, 2018

GE Will Create 100 Jobs, Invest $55M In Jackson County

The new facility will be completed by April of 2019, and the $55 million investment is seen as a sign of things to come for the Highway 98 Corridor.

by Parrish Walton | June 18, 2018

Georgia Seeks To CONNECT Students With Careers To Build Workforce Pipeline

A new workforce development concept that introduces high school and middle school students to various industries begins this school year.

by Parrish Walton | June 14, 2018

Dutch Manufacturer Brings 110 Jobs, $17M To Hall County

The best part of the news is the facility is already built and will be operational in August of this year.

by Parrish Walton | June 13, 2018

'Eye Opening' Trip To Kia Has Camp Creek Guidance Counselor Ready For More

Camp Creek Middle School students got to see what a modern manufacturing operation looks like in Georgia. Minds were blown.

by Parrish Walton | June 7, 2018