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Collaboration In Workforce Development Leads To Success In Georgia

A University of Georgia program led one development authority to connect two business owners 75 miles apart. Just another day of workforce development in Georgia.

by Parrish Walton | January 16, 2018

Georgia’s Forestry Industry Creates Massive Economic Impact

Let's just say if the forestry industry in Georgia were a stock, we'd make sure to buy as much of it as possible.

by Parrish Walton | January 11, 2018

New Film & TV Productions In Georgia Hiring Right Now

Want to work on a Jack Black movie? If so, now's your chance as it and several other productions are looking for crew members.

by Parrish Walton | January 5, 2018

These Job Fairs Can Help You Begin The New Year With A New Job

There’s no better time to start a new job than at the beginning of a new year.

by Parrish Walton | January 4, 2018

Atlanta Uses Scrooge To Help Pitch Amazon

Amazon needs a home for its new headquarters, and Scrooge shows the company why Atlanta should top its list.

by Parrish Walton | January 3, 2018

Here Are The Top-5 Georgia At Work Posts From 2017

Here are the top-5 posts from the inaugural year of Georgia At Work.

by Parrish Walton | December 28, 2017

Counting Down The Top-10 Stories From 2017: 10-6

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back on the year that was for Georgia@Work.

by Parrish Walton | December 27, 2017

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (And Investment) Coming To Georgia

2017 closes with a bang as more jobs and more investment comes to Georgia.

by Parrish Walton | December 21, 2017

Trade Five Grants + Awesome Teachers = Robots!

What can you do with a Trade Five Grant? One Georgia teacher bought supplies to help build robots.

by Parrish Walton | December 19, 2017

Free Adult Education Leads To Full-Time Employment In Georgia

Hard work and a willingness to learn—not money—is what Derrick Clark needed to succeed.

by Parrish Walton | December 13, 2017

How CEFGA Is Battling The Construction Skills Gap In Georgia

The construction industry in Georgia needs a skilled workforce, and CEFGA is on it.

by Parrish Walton | December 12, 2017

Atlanta Beats Boston For Medical Device Headquarters, Softening The Blow Of Super Bowl LI

Atlanta beat out Houston and Boston for the 400+ jobs that will come with the headquarters.

by Parrish Walton | December 11, 2017