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Ray Charles: 1930 - 2004 (Photo Courtesy of: rudecactus)

A Special Edition - The Man Behind the Music and The Last Hero

Ray Charles Robinson Jr., the eldest son of musical legend Ray Charles, confronts his father’s legacy in his new memoir: You Don’t Know Me: Reflections of My Father, Ray Charles. The book is a window into the private...

by | June 16, 2010
Hampton Sides will join Frank Reiss for Cover to Cover this Sunday night at 8 on GPB.

Hellhound on His Trail

Long before studying history at Yale with John Hersey, and long before becoming the bestselling author of such books as Blood and Thunder and Ghost Soldiers, Hampton Sides was a young boy in Memphis in 1968 when Martin...

by | June 8, 2010
Keith Gilyard joins host Stan Deaton for Cover to Cover this Sunday night at 8 on GPB Radio.

Reconsidering a major African-American novelist

Macon native John Oliver Killens’s politically charged novels And Then We Heard the Thunder and The Cotillion; or One Good Bull Is Half the Herd, were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His works of fiction and...

by | June 1, 2010
Kay Bratt joins us for Cover to Cover this Sunday at 8pm on GPB.

A Voice for the Voiceless

On assignment in China with her husband and family in 2003, Kay Bratt took up the cause of China’s forgotten orphans. She volunteered in a Chinese orphanage for four years. Silent Tears – A Journey of Hope in a...

by | May 26, 2010

The Professor Tells His Story

It’s quite possible we’ve never had a guest on Cover to Cover quite as comfortable in the talk studio as this week’s guest, longtime Atlanta Braves broadcaster Pete Van Wieren. In 2008, Pete retired from a...

by | May 11, 2010