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Bad News in News

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Newspapers across the nation are going belly-up and Georgia papers aren’t immune. We dig into the financial crisis plaguing the print news business.

Monday, December 15th on GPB - Radio

The media giant that owns The Augusta Chronicle, The Savannah Morning News and about 10-other Georgia papers is in crisis. Morris Publishing can't pay its debt and is laying off staff. But Morris isn't the only media facing tough times. And the recession is only part of a problem that affects the news you read, see and hear. Orlando Montoya of member station W-S-V-H in Savannah recently looked into the "bad news at news" and this week has three-reports. Today, trouble at Augusta's Morris Publishing.

Tuesday, December 16th on GPB - Radio

For many media companies, the old advertising-based revenue model is failing. News rooms here in Georgia and around the world are shedding jobs to try and save money. Keeping that in mind, we now continue our series on the bad news for the media today, and turn to Orlando Montoya from station W-S-V-H in Savannah—He explains how the media got into this mess.

Wednesday, December 17th on GPB - Radio

This week on Georgia Gazette you have been hearing about the shrinking local news business. Georgia newspapers and television stations are downsizing their newsrooms as ad revenue plummets and readers ditch print for the web. In the last of three-reports, Orlando Montoya of member station W-S-V-H in Savannah---asked this simple question to industry experts: What’s next for the news?