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Masani (Ma-sah-nee), a native of Vaux Hall, New Jersey, graduated from Columbia College in South Carolina with a B.A. in public affairs and made her way to Atlanta in 1984. Music has been a constant force in her life and she has been fortunate to have been exposed to jazz culture at an early age. Masani is a published writer and has written music reviews for local publications. She was also the founder and artistic director of Itutu, a small non-profit jazz preservation organization, from 1995 to 1998. That experience entrenched her in Atlanta’s jazz community and were the impetus for her becoming a true student of jazz history and culture.

Masani’s extensive collection of classic and progressive contemporary jazz, along with GPB Radio’s jazz library, provides the foundation for an informative, enjoyable program. Listen to Masani and The Jazz Spot every Friday evening at 8.

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