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National Signing Day

National Signing Day. Wednesday is a huge day in the lives of high school athletes, college coaches, and maybe more importantly the parents of the athletes.......National Signing Day is here and here...

Signing Day Nears

Signing Day Nears The Super Bowl is this weekend as the San Francisco 49ers collide with the Baltimore Ravens for the NFL's top prize, but next week is the Super Bowl for high school football players...

Thanks Coach T

I just want to take moment to say thank you. Thank you to a guy who has coached football for a long time in the great state of Georgia, has had a lot of big wins, and has done things the right way...

Welcome in 2013!

Happy 2013!!! We here at GPB Sports want to wish all of you a very healthy, happy and great 2013. We are coming off a great season of Football Fridays in Georgia climaxed by the crowning of seven...

What a Weekend!!!

What a Weekend!!!!! If you are a high school football fan, you saw some great games on GPB over the weekend. It was virtual cornicopia of blocks and passes, tackles and touchdowns, a real football...


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