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Lisa M. Zunzanyika


Lisa M. Zunzanyika is a right brain creative with left brain tendencies. She recently retired from the Air Force after 21+ years of service as a combat photojournalist. During her career, Lisa traveled the world documenting the military in peacetime, wartime, and humanitarian operations. She is a graduate of the Military Photojournalism Program at Syracuse University through which she earned the distinction of being the first African-American female Military Photojournalist in Air Force history. Now she is the owner/operator of a freelance photography company Simply Zee Imagery. So there's a glimpse of the right brain side of her.

Grad school was a lifelong goal of hers. She was unsure exactly what to pursue, but she knew that she wanted a program that combined technology and creativity. The left brain portion of her personality led her to Southern Polytechnic State University where she graduated with a Masters in Information Design and Communication (IDC). The IDC program showed Lisa a world she never pictured herself in. Her love of photography made her see in portraits. Her graduate studies now have her seeing in code!

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