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Augusta's Master Plan - About

Bruce Burkhardt

Executive Producer of Master Plan

Bruce Burkhardt is an award-winning reporter and documentary producer who spent 14 years as a CNN correspondent before embarking on a career as an independent film maker. Recognized for being a natural story-teller with a distinct “everyman” presence, Burkhardt has been honored with numerous awards including National Emmy, two CableAce Awards and the National Headliner Award He won a CableAce Award for a documentary titled “America’s Cup” which he produced, wrote and hosted. The program which was shot almost entirely in Costa Rica explored the environmental and human costs of America’s love affair with coffee.

Burkhardt also won a national Emmy award for his contributions to a documentary about the devastating Mississippi River floods of 1994. He was a contributer to CNNs longstanding documentary series, CNN Presents, most notably as the sole host and reporter of a program titled “Summer of Fire” about the 2002 forest fires that consumed much of the West.

Burkhardt was a correspondent and one of the hosts for the experimental newsmagazine, “American Edge” which turned out to be an ideal outlet for his finely observed pieces on American life and culture. In the inaugural program, he invited viewers to join him as an atomic tourist on a road trip to famous sites of nuclear history in the American Southwest. In 1998, Burkhardt was among the core team of correspondents for the news magazine programs, CNN Newsstand/Fortune and CNN Newsstand/Entertainment weekly.

The father of 23 year old twin boys, Burkhardt, as fate would have it, loves to play golf, although, by his own admission, he’s not very good. And though he considers himself blessed by this opportunity to do a project on Augusta's rich golf heritage, he think it is highly unlikely that he will ever be invited to participate in it.

Stan Byrdy

Consulting Executive Producer and author of books on which Augusta's Master Plan: From Sherman's March to Arnie's Army was based.

Author/Speaker/Documentary Producer/Sportscaster
The dean of Augusta sportscasters, Stan Byrdy served as Sports Director at WJBF-TV in Augusta from 1985-1994 and at NBC Augusta from 2006-2009. During that time Stan won 12 concurrent “Best of Augusta” Magazine awards and numerous Georgia and South Carolina AP and UPI honors. He covered the Masters Golf Tournament from Jack Nicklaus’ historic win in 1986 through 2009 and is the author of two historical golf books on Augusta. Stan served as coordinating executive producer for the Emmy-nominated documentary, “Augusta’s Master Plan; From Sherman’s March to Arnie’s Army.”

Documentary - Augusta’s Master Plan; From Sherman’s March to Arnie’s Army, Georgia Public Broadcasting, 2010.

Book – The Augusta National Golf Club; Alister MacKenzie’s Masterpiece,
Ann Arbor Media, 2005

Book - Augusta and Aiken in Golf’s Golden Age;
Arcadia Publishing, 2002

What they are saying about it: The Augusta National Golf Club; Alister MacKenzie’s Masterpiece: One for the Ages… is the single greatest publication about the majestic course… Byrdy has compiled photography in a single volume that will be regarded as a tome for the fabled Georgia grounds… the first dust free coffee table book; it simply doesn’t sit long enough to collect dust.
--Golf Chicago Magazine

The Augusta National Golf Club; Alister MacKenzie’s Masterpiece, by Stan Byrdy, may be as good a written substitute as could ever be accomplished…. In detail that is both meticulous and entertaining, Byrdy traces the creation of Augusta from its days as the Fruitland Nursery…. Byrdy gives the reader far more than a history of Augusta and the Masters.

Don’t mess around, buy this book or ask someone to buy it for you.
--Bob Weisgerber, Golf Today