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Arabian Horse: The Ancient Breed

Arabian Horse: The Ancient Breed separates the myths from the realities of the regal equine known for its versatility as a show horse, an endurance horse, a work horse and a family horse. The program traces the roots of the oldest purebred horse back thousands of years, from its origins as a nimble warrior on the deserts of the Arabian peninsula to its importation to the United States in the early 20th century. Arabian Horse: The Ancient Breed visits prestigious equestrian events across the country, including the U.S. National Championship Arabian and Half Arabian Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Tevis Cup competition near Lake Tahoe, one of the oldest endurance races in the country. Last year's winner, John Crandell, and his horse Heraldic, traversed rock hazards, bogs and canyons to complete the grueling 100-mile ride in just over 15 hours. In addition to the show and competition circuit, Arabian Horse captures the family-friendly breed — one known for its loyalty, even temperament and willingness to please humans — working a cattle ranch in Nebraska, assisting educators in a literacy project for first graders and performing in a theatrical show based on the classic tales, The Arabian Nights.