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Inspired by the art and characters of Animalia, Graeme Base’s popular children’s book, the Animalia television series presents a spectacular fantasy world in which a collection of talking animals has created their own “civilization.” Two contemporary kids, Zoe and Alex, visit this extraordinary world and experience a series of adventures. Upon their arrival in Animalia, Zoe and Alex soon learn that a series of mysterious events has unfolded, all connected to “the Core,” a large orb at the center of Animalia’s civilization. Located in the Great Library, the Core has imbued all of the animals with the ability to speak, write and communicate in many ways. But now, many of those same skills are disappearing or changing within the animals themselves. With the very fabric of Animalian civilization endangered, Zoe and Alex and their new best friends, G’Bubu (a teenaged gorilla) and Iggy (a feisty, heroic iguana), have set about the challenging task of restoring order and harmony to Animalia. Educationally, the series deals with communication skills and is based upon a language arts and literacy curriculum.