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June 2005 – Harmony Leland Elementary / Georgia Master Teacher Program

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Character Through The Arts

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Harmony Leland Elementary School is using Character Through The Arts in conjunction with Artful Learningtm to bring academic success and personal development to its students.

  • src="" style="float: right; padding: 10px;" border="0">Teachers, teaching artists, family and student involvement collectively make the process work. After a visit to Harmony Leland Elementary School, we talk in the studio with school principal, Hermia Simmons-Deveaux and Character Through The Arts director, Beth Rutherford. Harmony Leland fifth grader, Buddy Widley, heartwarmingly describes his hero. His writing gives us an example of the teaching method in practice.

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Success: Character Through the Arts

Master Teacher Program

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In the second portion of the show our hosts, Superintendent Kathy Cox and Jane Robelot talk about the new Master Teacher Program legislation, the plan for academic coaches, and an academic coaching academy.

  • src="" style="float: right; padding: 10px;" border="0">Joining them on the subject are Dr. F.D. Toth, Executive Secretary of Professional Standards, and Dr. Jeanie Weathersby, Georgia Department of Education Deputy Superintendent for Teacher and Student Support.

Kathy's Corner

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  • In Kathy's Corner the question is about school attendance. How big a problem is it? What is being done to resolve the situation? It's all on the June 2005 Achieving Excellence - Inside Georgia Schools.